Ballagh Cattle Company

Coming to you from the beautiful Nebraska Sandhills! This is our very first blog post. We will be keeping this updated as to the things that happen at Ballagh Ranch and any exciting news updates! Please, as always, feel free to contact us or stop in. Visitors are always welcome!

We had our first snow of the season this past week. The snow flakes falling down reminds us how thankful we should be for our warm homes and all that God has blessed us with.

This past summer was a busy one for the Ballaghs. It began with the addition of two new members into the Ballagh family. First, was Lachlan Ballagh, born on April 1st to Aaron and Cami, then the marriage of Devyn to Tiffany in Washington State, then on to a busy hay harvest (it was a very wet June/early July, so the men didn't get started on that till later than usual!). Hay harvest overlapped into our fall calving season, and the battle that we are fighting with the R-Project (see more on our Save the Sandhills page), a 345kV transmission line that is being proposed to tear a line right through the heart of our precious Sandhills, has been a year long fight.

With all the busyness of the year, we have been bountifully blessed. We are excited to have our new website up to share with you our heritage of ranching that has been passed down generation to generation. Thanks for checking in! Keep an eye out for new posts right here!

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